Dr. Safapour is a very accommodating physician who is transparent about his work and adept at disclosing all information and answering your questions. He’s amicable and a funny doctor. He made me feel at ease during my procedure, from which I am healing well. I recommend him for any of your foot concerns.

- Aeree K.

I have had such a pleasant experience with Dr. Safapour, he is very knowledgeable, informative as well as honest. I felt very comfortable as well. Their office is located in a great area, easy to find and very clean. He makes office visits very comfortable and he is so very easy and welcoming to speak to. Over all I am very happy with my procedure. His staff is so very kind and helpful as well. Always present and attentive.

- Edna T.

Dr. Safapour is AMAZING... the office is super clean and COVID safe. the receptionist is very welcoming, professional and helpful. the medical assistants make your vist feel quick and easy. the whole staff overall make my appointment as smooth as possible. definitely recommending Dr. Safapour to my friends and family.

- Elizabeth A.

BEST podiatrist I have visited. He is courteous, genuine and caring. The staff was also very friendly and took great care of me. Thank you DOC!

- A. Erez

I’ve seen many podiatrist over the years. My experience with Dr. Safapour has been nothing less than amazing. He treated me for a few months for Plantars Fasciitis. I finally have relief! His office staff is great and always willing to get me in for an appointment as soon as I needed one. I recently had a fall where I injured my ankle. I got an appointment the same day. His communication is clear and to the point through every step of treatment. I highly recommend Dr Safapour.

- Nicole G.

Dr. Safapour is a great doctor for all your foot needs. I could barely walk when I starting seeing him, and although I still have foot issues he attends to them with super efficiency. He also has a great sense of humor. His staff is out standing and always on top of everything. So if you are having foot problems don't hesitate to call him.

- Joni S.

After living with the chronic pain of plantar fasciitis for over a year, Dr. Safapour started an effective treatment right away and within a month I was back to running, which feels like a miracle that I am grateful for every day. After previously going to another doctor for eight months and not finding any relief, I am thankful to find Dr. Safapour who has improved my condition greatly and swiftly. The office is small, clean, and easy to find. He is friendly, professional, and answers all my questions thoroughly. The administrative staff is friendly and welcoming. I will continue to go to Dr. Safapour until I am 100% better because I have confidence that he will help me thrive even though I have a chronic issue. I recommend Dr. Safapour to anyone who needs a podiatrist in the West Hills Medical Plaza.

- M CE.

Dr. Safapour is an incredible and knowledgeable Practitioner! I have suffered with a host of foot problems in the past which seemed daunting to deal with. The treatment plans Dr. Safapour came up with improved the condition of my various foot problems in an effective and efficient manner. His team was also very friendly and accommodating to me throughout the process of filling out paperwork and scheduling appointments. The Doctor himself is very personable and humorous which made the inherently painful parts of procedures much more bearable. Overall, I would strongly recommend Dr. Safapour to anyone in need of a Podiatrist!

- Sean J.

Dr. Matthew Safapour, DPM

Dr. Matthew Safapour is a Board Certified, seasoned and accomplished Podiatric Surgeon. His clinic is located near major hospitals in West Hills Hospital . After completing his Bachelor of Science degree at the State University of New York and his Masters degree at Long Island University, Dr. Safapour attended Podiatric Medical Medical School at CCPM, which was an affiliate of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) at the time. He completed his internship, as well as his residency, at southern campus of CCPM/USC/LA County Medical Center. He then pursued a fellowship in biomechanics and established his private practice in 1997. Dr. Safapour has practiced in a private setting as well as being the consulting podiatrist for one of the major IPA/HMO Organizations.

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